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Tsugaru winter playing with snow
Accommodation plan to experience drifting snow.
海扇閣 地吹雪体験付宿泊プラン


This is an accommodation plan with a snowstorm experience unique to snow country.
Wear a kakumaki and kanji and experience the snowstorm.
Cold body is unwind in hot spring.
For dinner, please enjoy the all-you-can-eat half-buffet of 86 items such as steak, tempura, rice cracker juice, dessert, including seasonal eight inches, sashimi, soup steaming.

◆ What is snowstorm?
A phenomenon in which snow on the ground surface is soared by strong winds. The amount of snow that can be soared increases as the temperature decreases and the wind increases.
When the wind is weak, the snow moves over the ground and the horizontal visibility at eye level does not deteriorate. This is called a low snowstorm.
When the wind speed exceeds 8-9m / s, the soaring snow exceeds the height of the eyes, and the visibility in the horizontal direction deteriorates. Occasionally, soaring snow covers the entire sky and hides the sun, which is called a high snowstorm.
◆ What is the snowstorm experience?
This is a unique experience program unique to the snowy country that has been planned and held since 1988 by volunteers from Kanagicho, Goshogawara City. It is a tour that uses Tsugaru's traditional winter clothing "Kakumaki" * "Kanjiki" * while experiencing the snowstorm that blows.
Experience time 15: 00-16: 00 Approx. 60 minutes
・ Snow canvas footprint art experience
・ Snow treasure hunting experience
Experience place Asamushi area (sea fishing park, firefly lake, exercise open space, etc.)
Clothing Winter clothes and boots (boots)
Eligibility ● Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a guardian.
● There is no restriction on participation due to health condition, but if you have any worries, please contact us when you apply.
Date and time: 15: 00-16: 00 on the day of check-in * Please arrive by 15:00
Place: Asamushi district (sea fishing park, firefly lake, exercise open space, etc.)
Wear a Kakumaki and Kanjiki and experience the snowstorm!
※ Please come warm
* Please note that the snowstorm experience is for junior high school students and above.
特 典 Benefits ━━━
◆ Tsugaru traditional cold protection equipment “Kumakiki free rental”
◆ Aomori apple gifts (2 per person)
◆ Asamu insect ground snowstorm Sensha bill present (one per person)
◆ Free color yukata rental service for women


Please apply with 2 or more people

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location KAISENKAKU(Aomori Aomori)
    海扇閣(青森県 青森市)
  • Date 2020/02/01(Sat) ~ 2020/02/28(Fri)
  • Price 7,425 JPY ~ 18,700 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 4-Ride
    TEL: 017-718-8557 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer 4-Ride
  • Period of Sale 2019/12/11(Wed) 10:00 ~ 2020/02/27(Thu) 23:59

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