Usage Rules

Article 1 (Definition)
1. These rules govern the use of the Website constructed by LINK STATION (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) and they are applicable to users of the Website.
2. “The Website” refers to the general introduction Website “GETTIIS,” including organizers that host events nationwide and companies that sell tickets using the “Gettii” management system to provide users performance or ticket information about the organizers or companies (hereinafter referred to as “ticket information”) that are connected to and collected under “GETTIIS.”
3. “Event Organizers” means organizers or operating companies that sell performer or event tickets.
4. “Companies Selling Tickets” means any legal persons or organizations that sell various types of tickets.
5. “Users” means all persons who use the Website.
6. “GETTIIS Members” means, among users, those who register as members according to rules regulated by the Company.
Article 2 (Uses of the Website)
1. Users shall be able to browse the information of event organizers or companies selling tickets on the Website.
2. GETTIIS members shall be able to click the purchase button on the Website when they find the ticket information they are searching for to enter the purchase screen of the Website to purchase tickets.
Article 3(Agreement and Modification of Rules)
1. Uses of the Website shall only be allowed for users and GETIIS members who agree to accept these rules. When any user or member violates these rules, the Website shall be able to decline any use on their part.
2. Uses of the Website shall be applicable to terms governed by these rules; these rules also govern event organizers or ticket selling companies.
3. The Company shall be able to rationally change part or all of these rules under a rational scope without giving prior notification to users and GETTIIS members; when using this Website, please make sure to confirm their updated versions. These rules, after modification, shall be put into effect immediately after they are announced on the Website. Users who use the Website after these modified rules are put into effect are deemed to have accepted these rules and contents after modification, and shall govern their usage of the Website.
Article 3.2 (GETTIIS Members)
1. Registration of GETTIIS members is completed by users who would like to become members and who follow all requirements for registration as notified by the Company, and the Company, according to their rules, shall evaluate this registration before distributing accounts and passwords to users.
2. Users who would like to become members but are found to be in the scope of the reasons and causes below will be able to be rejected for registration by the Company. The Company shall not be held responsible for the investigation of the reasons and causes below or to disclose to users the reasons their registration was rejected.
There is reason to believe the information provided to the Company are false or inaccurate;
Users with limited capability to take responsibility and failing to acquire approval of a legal guardian such as persons with parental authority.
Membership registration was cancelled.
Due to other reasonable causes, the Company deems it inappropriate to agree to member registration of the user.
3. When GETTIIS members change any information provided to the Company, they shall promptly follow methods regulated by the Company to inform them of such changes. If members fail to notify any change and accordingly, any notification given by the Company is delayed or any damage occurs, the Company shall not be held responsible.
4. GETTIIS members shall properly manage and safeguard usernames and passwords distributed by the Company and shall not borrow, assign, change to any name of a third party or allow use of a third party in any manner. When using a username and password to correctly log on to the Website according to notifications concerning the approval of registration of the Company, the Company shall deem this use as conducted by GETTIIS members.
5. When GETTIIS members are found in any situation below, the Company shall be able to cancel member registration without prior notification. The Company shall not be held responsible for the disclosure of the reasons for canceling member registration; when a member’s registration is cancelled, service provision is then terminated. The Company shall not be held responsible for any relevant liabilities.
Any causes regulated in Paragraph 2 of this Article is found later;
Any involvement of prohibited items regulated by Article 8 is reasonably determined by the Company;
Failure to pay for debts such as service charges or any violation of these rules;
Username and password distributed by the Company are provided by any user to a third party; and
No reply from members exceeding ten days after any contact to members is sent by the Company.
Article 4 (Change of Service Contents and so on)
1. The Company shall be able to determine, when necessary and without prior notification or announcement, changes to service contents or specifications of the Website and suspend or terminate part or all service provision on the Website.
2. When the Company changes service contents or specifications of the Website according to the aforementioned paragraph or suspends or terminates service provision of the Website, regardless of any causes, the Company shall not be held responsible for any damages that arise.
Article 5 (Use Environment)
1. When using the Website, users shall be responsible for all expenses on their own required for necessary operation or telecommunication environment via computers and cell phones for uses of the Website.
2. Uses of the Website requires proper setup of relevant Internet, email or other connection via user computers and cell phones; if the operation or telecommunication environment of computers and cell phones has not been properly set up and that results in any failure to normally use the Website, the Company shall not be held responsible.
Article 6 (Intellectual Property Rights)
Ownership, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, rights of publicity, or other rights of texts, diagrams, events or other information that makes up the contents of the Website all belong to the Company or the third party who owns the rights (including event organizers and companies selling tickets); regardless of acquisition methods or format, users and GETTIIS members shall not duplicate, copy, transfer, distribute, save, sell, publish or engage in any similar manner to use these rights exceeding the scope of personal private use without any approval.
Article 7(Personal Information)
After receiving personal information provided by GETTIIS members, the Company will follow the privacy policy of the Company in handling it. Personal information provided by GETTIIS members will be provided to event organizers or ticket selling companies by the Company when GETTIS members purchase tickets.
Article 8(Prohibited Items)
When users and GETTIIS members use the Website, the following behaviors are prohibited.
(1). Behavior that violates or is concerned with infringing copyright, other intellectual property rights, reputation, privacy, portrait right or other rights of other users or GETTIS members, a third party or the Company;
(2). In addition to situations regulated in the said paragraph, behaviors that cause losses or damages or are concerned with causing losses or damages of other users or GETTIS members, a third party or the Company;
(3). Behaviors that are concerned with breaking public order or violating custom or providing information to enable other users or GETTIS members, the third party to break public order or violate custom;
(4). Criminal behaviors or behaviors that involve crimes or are concerned with crimes;
(5). Behaviors that involve politics, religion, sexual transactions;
(6). Behaviors that use the Website for business purposes;
(7). Behaviors related to reselling tickets to a third party for profit-making purposes or providing tickets to a third party for reselling purposes or buying tickets for a similar purpose;
(8). Behaviors that attempt to change this Website without proper cause;
(9). Behaviors that involve the use or provision of harmful events or using or providing them when using this Website; or access to or attempt to access the network or system of the Company via improper approaches;
(10). Behaviors that cause excessive load on the network or system of the Website (including those that repeatedly contact the Company via telephone calls or emails without reasonable causes and with contact contents irrelevant to the uses of the Website or which force the Company to take unreasonable liabilities or threats to result in interruption or demonstrate threats or blackmail in the same manner);
(11). Behaviors that violate these rules or laws or are concerned with violating these rules or laws; and
(12). Behaviors that are deemed improper by the Company.
Article 9 (Disclaimer)
1. Information or ticket selling information provided on the Website by event organizers shall see those event organizers held responsible for such information; the Company shall be held not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, correctness, usefulness and other related items of tickets.
2. When GETTIS members would like to inquire or ask about reservation and ticket contents, they shall directly contact event organizers or ticket selling companies. But for issues involving the operations of this Website of the Company (not involving individual ticket contents) or system difficulties, the Company shall be the point of contact.
3. When tickets are reserved via this Website, terms for sales, cancellations, and refunds shall be decided by event organizers or companies selling tickets; the Company shall not be held responsible for any dispute arising from said transactions between GETTIS members and event organizers or ticket selling companies.
4. For issues related to the Website regardless of these rules, if laws require the Company to take responsibility, the Company shall still not be held responsible for other damages not directly suffered by users or GETTIIS members (including causal damages, indirect damages, damages caused by special reasons, future damages, or damages involving profit losses); the maximum amount for the Company to compensate said damages shall be limited to the amount for users or GETTIIS members to purchase tickets for performances or presentations; when damages cannot be attributed to any specific performance, the maximum amount to be compensated shall be limited to the amount paid by users or GETTIIS members for purchasing tickets in their recent purchase.
Article 10 (Severability)
When any part or contents of these rules is in conflict with civil acts, consumer contract acts or any other laws and is determined as invalid or has failed to perform, that part shall be modified to avoid conflict and to ensure its interpretation by law; parts other than the part deemed as invalid or failure to perform shall be continuously put into effect.
Article 11 (Governing Law)
These rules are governed by Japanese laws and regulations.
Article 12 (Governing Court and so on)
1. When there is any dispute related to uses of the Website between any GETTIIS members and the Company, both parties shall negotiate to resolve the dispute with good intentions.
2. If after negotiation, a dispute cannot be resolved, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of first instance.
Article 13 (Supplementary Provision)
These rules shall be put into effect on August 21, 2017 (at 00:00).
Article 1 (Points)
1. GETTIIS users shall accumulate points according to requirements and conditions set up on the Website by the Company, event organizers or ticketing companies.
2. Points accumulated can be used on the Website.
Article 2 (Allocation and Use Conditions of Points)
The allocation and usage conditions of points (including the same terms of use as below) shall be announced at the designated site determined solely by the Company. Point allocation and usage conditions may be changed from time to time according to the Company’s determination.
Article 3 (Termination of Points Services)
The Company, for any of its own reasons, may terminate points services, but the Company shall announce information about services termination on the Website 90 days before termination. When the termination is announced, on the effective day of termination, all points services recorded will become invalid.
Article 4 (Supplementary Provision)
These notices shall come into effect on July 4, 2018, 10:00 a.m.
[Allocation and Use Conditions of Points Effective July 4, 2018]
Calculation of Points 1. For calculation purposes, each point is worth JPY 1.
2. Solely the Company may change the value of each point at its own discretion.
Allocation of Points 3. Depending on the type, some performances are allocated points while others are not.
4. The Company shall have the right to decide allocation points and ratios for performances allocated with points.
5. According to the type of tickets, some tickets are allocated fixed points while others are allocated with ratios based on ticket price (tax included).
6. With promotions, situations other than ticket purchase may be allocated special points.
Use of Points 7. Depending on the type of performance, some can be redeemed with points while for others this is not allowed.
8. Points are shown on the final confirmation screen on the Website wherein they are used.
9. When using points, at least one point shall be used and each unit is one point.
10. Points can only be used for ticket price (total amount including tax) and cannot be used for charges.
11. Points cannot be used to redeem money.
12. Point exchange between members is not allowed.
Terms of Points 13. From the following day of 730 days pending period after points are allocated or used, they become invalid.
14. 90 days before points become invalid, an alert containing information will appear after logging in.
15. The Company may change the 730 days pending period at its own discretion.
16. The points allocated accordingly during some promotions, the pending time will be shorter than said term.