Labeling of Act on Specific Commercial Transaction, Japan

▼Seller of Product
LINK STATION Co., Ltd.(株式会社リンクステーション)
(Norimichi Oshima)
Address: 2-1-1, Hamadate,
Aomori-shi, Aomori-ken 030-0947
Telephone:+81-17-718-5772 (Only in Japanese.)
▼Sales Price shall be labeled on each individual product.
Product price plus necessary charges
▼Product price plus necessary charges
Service charge: 110 JPY per seat(tax included)
7-Eleven payment charge:165 JPY per transaction (tax included)
7-Eleven ticket Service charge:110 JPY per seat (tax included)
QR ticket Service charge:55 JPY per seat (tax included)
E-ticket Service charge:55 JPY per seat (tax included))
※Charges may vary according to type of performance.
Credit Card
※Available payment methods may vary by event.
※In the credit card payment details, please mark the confirmation with “GETTIIS.”
▼Delivery Method and Time
Please print out your ticket at a 7-Eleven store in Japan during the ticket sales period.
Those who are admitted to the event with a QR-code, please print out the QR-code or show the QR-code on your smartphone. On the event day, QR-code readers will be available at the entrance.
Those who are admitted to the event with e-tickets, please use your cell phone to open the app and show the admittance screen to the admission staff.
※Delivery methods may be verified according to the type of performance.
▼Cancellation and Refund
After purchasing, customers shall not ask to change product contents or cancel procurement due to individual concerns.
Please understand and agree that tickets purchased through this service shall not be cancelled or refunded.
For performances that are cancelled due to force majeure, refunds will be made available during the period decided by the event organizers (length may vary according to performance period).
But if tickets are broken or damaged or illegible to read, refunds will not be provided.
The amount of refund shall be limited to the amount of the ticket: (from application) to actual refund paid requires a processing time of between 3-4 weeks.
Please refer to the description on the procurement webpage.