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300th anniversary commemorative project of birthday dancing
Ryukyu dance and Kumiodori Shunjuza Special Performance
琉球舞踊と組踊 春秋座特別公演

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[Cast] Miyagi Noho (Cubic / Human National Treasure), Nishie Yoshiharu (Song / Sanshin / Human National Treasure), Higa Satoshi (Taiko / Human National Treasure)
[Moderator] Michihiko Kakazu (National Theater Okinawa Artistic Director)


As a traditional performing art of Okinawa, we will deliver "Kumiodori" registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and "Ryukyu dance" at a gorgeous appearance centering around the three people of the human national treasure. It is a co-sponsored performance with the National Theater Okinawa.

Hosted performances
Organized by: Kyoto University of Art and Design College of the Arts, Center for Performing Arts · Public Interest Foundation National Theater Okinawa Administration Foundation
300th anniversary commemorative project for gigs performance
Ryukyu dance and Kumiodori Shunjuza Special Performance
Kumiodori "Takayuki no Maki"
You will enjoy the classic performing arts of the Ryukyu dynasty period with two parts of Ryukyu dance and dance.

"Kumiodori" is an expression formula composed of music, speech, acting, created in the Ryukyus dynasty to honor the messenger / booklet from China that comes when substituting the King of the Ryukyu. In 2019, we will celebrate the 300th anniversary when the gigs are performed by Tamagusuku · Chokun, the grandfather of the dance. In commemoration of the year, we will deliver 'Takayuki no Maki' out of the morning frozen dance which is still called 'Asaka Kaigan 5' and still performed at the luxury appearance.
Performance information

February 23, 2019 (Saturday) 14: 00
Venue: Spring Autumn

Part 1 Ryukyu dance
◆ Women's dance "Yotsutake" (Yodoke)
◆◆◆ Dancing hands: Ryo Sawabe Masayuki Kaneshiro Tamaki Takumi
◆ Two-year-old dance "The previous beach" (Meet mama)
◆◆◆ Dancing hands: Kawanari Kan Tenshi Yuichi
◆ Female dance "Tenkawa" (Amagasa)
◆◆◆ Dancer: Nobu Miyagi
◆ Classical music solo
◆◆◆ Song San-line Nishie Kiharu
◆ Miscellaneous dance "Hatanabe" (Hatoma Obisashi)
◆◆◆ Dancing hands Shingaku Aragaki Hiroaki Taguchi Maki Saki

The Second Part Dance "Takayuki no Tame"
◆ Cubic guidance: Miyagi Noho folk song guidance: Kishi Nishie
◆◆◆ President: Masanori Masaki
◆◆◆ Opinion: Yoshikazu Saori
◆◆◆ お め め り: 真 澤 Kanjo
◆◆◆ Mother: Nobu Miyagi
◆◆◆ Time's Oyako: Kiichi Kaneshiro
◆◆◆ Provided: Satoshi Aragaki Hiroaki Taguchi Tamaki Takumi Saki Makiaki
◆◆◆ Otori Operation: Kawanari Kanetani Yuichi
【Folk Song】
◆◆◆◆◆◆ Song 3 rays: Kishi Nishie Hideaki Hideki
◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Tamaki Kazuki Kamiya Daisuke
◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Koto: Miyazato Hideaki Flute: Yokomi Oya
◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Ko Bow: Taiko Taroku: Higa Satoshi

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location 京都芸術劇場 春秋座(京都造形芸術大学内)(京都府 京都市)
  • Date 2019/02/23(Sat) 14:00
  • Price 4,000 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 京都芸術劇場チケットセンター
    TEL: 075-791-8240 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Period of Sale 2018/12/26(Wed) 10:00 ~ 2019/02/22(Fri) 17:00

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