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Seiichi Yamamoto
Music Program curated by Seiichi Yamamoto
山本精一ディレクション・音楽プログラム シアター版


3 hours to trace the genealogy of experimental expressions in Kansai

* No admission under 13 years old

3 hours to trace the genealogy of experimental expressions in Kansai

Seiichi Yamamoto, a musician who has had a great influence not only on Kansai but also on experimental music in Japan in recent years.
The music program he directs will be held at ROHM Theater Kyoto South Hall. Seiichi Yamamoto, who has performed in a number of bands including BOREDOMS, Omoide Hatoba, and ROVO, has been involved in the legendary live house "Namba Bears" in Osaka since 1987. Through more than 30 years of activity, "Bears" has produced a variety of musicians and bands, and sometimes too many experimental performances have become legendary through gossip. Its influence extends beyond the music scene to artists of various genres, and remains strong in Kansai. It is inevitable that this program will elucidate a part of the genealogy and allow you to experience the breadth of expression in a realistic manner. One week after the theater version performed at KYOTO EXPERIMENT, the "club version" Seiichi Yamamoto direction project was also implemented as a tie-up project at Kyoto CLUB METRO, and Seiichi Yamamoto's "thinking" in a magnetic field different from the theater is also a bird's-eye view. You can experience it.

Seiichi Yamamoto


Sound writer. Born in Hyogo prefecture, lives in Kyoto. Alternative unit "BOREDOMS", abstract rock laboratory "Omoide Hatoba", pseudo pop band "Rashinban", cosmic dance band "ROVO", arbitrary initial impulse punk band "MOST", mathematical puzzle groove "PARA" and many others. As a player / songwriter / composer / producer, he has been active worldwide in experimental bands / units, solo work, and sessions with cutting-edge musicians inside and outside Japan. As a solo work, "selfy", "crown of fuzzy groove", "rapsodia", "playground", "CAFE BRAIN" and many other works. He also works on film music such as "MIND GAME" (directed by Masaaki Yuasa), "Ichi the Killer 1" (directed by Takashi Miike), and "Adrenaline Drive" (directed by Shinobu Yaguchi). As a writer, painter, and photographer, he regularly publishes his works, including "Ginga" (1999), "Yun" (2008), and "Imayura" (2014).

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location South Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto(Kyoto Kyoto)
    ロームシアター京都 サウスホール(京都府 京都市)
  • Date 2021/03/07(Sun) 15:00
  • Price 1,000 JPY ~ 3,000 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact Kyoto Experiment Ticket Center
    TEL: 075-213-0820 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2021/01/08(Fri) 11:00 ~ 2021/02/22(Mon) 10:28

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