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"Keropons Family Concert"

Not only children but also adults can enjoy together,
Keropons with songs and laughter are now available at Humming Hall!
here we go! Shrimp canics together!

Saturday, October 31, 2020
Doors open 13:30 Start 14:00
All seats reserved
General: 2,000 yen Tomo no Kai: 1,800 yen Elementary school students and younger 700 yen

* You can enter from 0 years old.
* Even small children need one ticket for each person.
* If you would like a wheelchair seat, please call (042-590-4414).

* If you apply for 2 or more tickets, you will be separated from the seats instead of consecutive seats.
You will be warned, but please proceed as it is and be sure to enter the reserved seat number.
Please check before purchasing.

[Caution] Please be sure to read it.
* Refunds other than cancellation of the performance will not be accepted. Please note.
* Please cooperate with the preventive measures against new coronavirus infection.
* The number of visitors may be limited.
* The event may be canceled due to circumstances. Please note.

Release information

Tomo no Kai 7/22 (Wednesday) General 7/23 (Thursday / holiday)
(On sale at the counter) Tomo no Kai / General 7/24 (Friday / holiday)

* Please see the Official Site for details.

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location 東大和市民会館ハミングホール 小ホール(東京都 東大和市)
  • Date 2020/10/31(Sat) 14:00
  • Contact 東大和市民会館 ハミングホール
    TEL: 042-590-4414 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer

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