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Themed performance "A journey through “Utamakura” with Baba Akiko"
「馬場あき子と行く 歌枕の旅」第2回 信濃国・園原

Appearance / song / card

Lecture Akiko Baba
Noh "Horsetail" (Kinharu style) Sakurama Banma


"Utamakura" is a famous place and historic site often written in Japanese poems. Nowadays, there are many places that are rarely looked after, but by being sung in Japanese poetry, "Utamakura" is lyrically associated with specific images such as nature and legends, and is longed for by ancient and medieval poets. It was the place of. The land of such "Utamakura" is also the setting for many Noh works.
In this performance, Noh will be performed in a series of 5 times, set in Utamakura, which exists on the Tosan road that connects the capital to the land. Before the performance of the work, Akiko Baba, a poet and person of cultural merit, will give a lecture on the land of "Utamakura" and the songs that were sung. It is a performance where you can enjoy Noh more tastefully by knowing the land and the songs.
The second performance will be the Noh play "Kibito", which depicts an old man who is crazy about his missing child, set in Sonohara, the Utamakura of Shinano Province.

Release information

Released from noon on Saturday, September 26, 2nd year of Reiwa


◆ Based on administrative guidelines, seats will be sold at regular intervals and the number of seats will be reduced.
◆ If you wish to purchase two or more tickets, please sit down with a gap.

◆ In order to alleviate the congestion at the ticket counter, we will stop collecting tickets at the counter for those who purchased online (excluding Tomo no Kai members). Please pick it up at 7-Eleven.

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location Yokohama Noh Theater(Kanagawa Yokohama)
    横浜能楽堂 本舞台(神奈川県 横浜市)
  • Date 2020/11/22(Sun) 14:00
  • Price 5,000 JPY ~ 7,000 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 横浜能楽堂
    TEL: 045-263-3055 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Period of Sale 2020/09/26(Sat) 12:00 ~ 2020/11/21(Sat) 23:59

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