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The themed performance of 50th Anniversary of the Reversion of Okinawa "Men's Kumiodori, Women's Buyo" Day 2
横浜能楽堂企画公演「男の組踊 女の舞踊」第2日

Appearance / song / card

Creative dance "Matsu Gama" Akiko Yamakawa, Naoe Oshiro
Creative dance "Nanyohama Chidori" Ritsuko Minagawa
Miscellaneous dance "Goldsmith" Maki Shida, Yukichi Higashie, Fusako Shida
Dance "Hanafu" Ritsuko Miyagi
Classical female dance "Hon-gwan flower" Keiko Sato
Classical female dance "Sakuta" Mieko Kaneshiro
Classical female dance "Amakawa" Yoshiko Tanida
Fusako Shida, a classical female dance
Classical female dance "Inamazun" Sachiko Miyagi


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the return to mainland Okinawa, we will hold a two-day performance focusing on "Kumi Odori" and "Dance", which represent Ryukyu classical performing arts. On the second day, a "dance" by a female dancer will be performed. Last year, Sachiko Miyagi and Fusako Shida, who were certified as "Living National Treasure" for the first time in "Ryukyu Dance", and other dancers and performers who are active on the front lines will meet.

Release information

Released at noon on Saturday, June 18, 4th year of Reiwa

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location Yokohama Noh Theater(Kanagawa Yokohama)
    横浜能楽堂(神奈川県 横浜市)
  • Date 2022/09/04(Sun) 14:00
  • Price 4,000 JPY ~ 6,000 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact Yokohama Noh Theater
    TEL: 045-263-3055 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2022/06/18(Sat) 12:00 ~ 2022/09/03(Sat) 23:59

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