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横浜能楽堂普及公演「こども狂言堂」 in 杉田劇場

Children's Kyogen Hall

Yokohama Noh Theatre Popularization Performance "Children's Kyogen Hall"
~Children and adults alike can enjoy the summer holidays at the Children's Kyogen Hall.~


Kyogen "Kaki Yamabushi" (Okura School)
Shite (Yamabushi) Noritaka Yamamoto
Ado (Persimmon Owner) Rintaro Yamamoto

Kyogen "Fushi" (Okura school)
Shite (Taro Kaja) Norishige Yamamoto
Ad (Main) Takashi Wakamatsu
Ad (Jiro Crown Prince) Norihide Yamamoto

Story by Tojiro Yamamoto


Kyogen "Kaki Yamabushi" (Okura School) by Noritaka Yamamoto
Kyogen "Fushi" (Okura school) by Norishige Yamamoto
Story by Tojiro Yamamoto


Kyogen is one of Japan's classical performing arts. You may think, "Classical things seem difficult...", but Kyogen depicts behaviors and emotional movements that are familiar to us even today. I'm sure many people will find it familiar after watching it once.
The popular "Children's Kyogen Hall" event, which is held every summer, will be held at the Sugita Theater of the Isogo Community Cultural Center in Yokohama this year due to the Yokohama Noh Theater being closed.
The programs are "Kakiyamabushi," in which a mountain priest who steals a persimmon tries to cover it up by imitating animals, and "Busu," which focuses on the behavior of Taro Kaja and Jiro Kaja, who are at home alone. After watching these two pieces that even children who are watching Kyogen for the first time can enjoy, Living National Treasure Tojiro Yamamoto will give a fun and easy-to-understand talk about Kyogen.
This performance will allow both children and adults to enjoy the profound charm of "Kyogen," a form of theatre that has been performed for over 600 years and is registered as a World Heritage Site.

Release Information

Members first: Monday, June 17th - Thursday, June 20th, 2024
*Limited to Yokohama Noh Theatre LINE members and Sugita Theatre Smile Club members
*Yokohama Noh Theatre LINE members can only use the WEB, Sugita Theatre Smile Club members can only use the WEB
Tickets are only available at the Sugita Theater box office or over the phone.
* Advance sales are limited.

General release: Monday, June 24, 2024 at noon

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location 横浜市磯子区民文化センター杉田劇場(神奈川県 横浜市)
    Access »
  • Date 2024/08/17(Sat) 14:00
  • Price 500 JPY ~ 2,200 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact OTABISHO横浜能楽堂
    TEL: 045-263-3055 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2024/06/24(Mon) 12:00 ~ 2024/08/16(Fri) 23:59

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