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Bohemian Rhapsody / Dragon Ball Super Broly / Spider-Man: Spider Bath / Phantom Thread / Beautiful Day / Sasperia / Uncle Bajirangi and Small Lost Child / Deer Hunter 4K Digital Repair Edition

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YCAM爆音映画祭2019 1回券 山口情報芸術センター


Please specify the work you want to see, the date and time of the first pass.

Release information

Any member, general simultaneous sale Saturday, June 29 10:00 ...

Japan's strongest bomb movie, this year also appeared!

It is a screening event that creates an unprecedented movie experience by experiencing the movie with a large amount of delicate sound.

The “Hotone Film Festival” is a screening event held by movie critics Yasuto Higuchi at home and abroad, where people watch movies using large-scale, high-quality speakers for live concerts. YCAM has been holding it every year since 2013, and since the screenings are performed in a setting full of ingenuity every year at Studio A, which is said to be the highest acoustic environment in the country, fans are told that it is "the strongest in Japan" You are

For the featured film, a biographical film "Bhemian Rhapsody" featuring Freddie Mercury of the legendary band Queen is decided. Queen is performing at the Yamaguchi Prefectural Gymnasium located on the site of the current YCAM in May 1979, and will be the first in 40 years. (9 other films will be screened)

This event of watching a movie while leaving itself to a delicate large sound lets you experience the "core" of the sound surface pursued in a work that has not been noticed so far, along with the story and the composition on the screen It is an attempt to do it. Please watch it on this occasion.

You can check the schedule and availability information.

Schedule, seat availability confirmation

August 29 (Thu)
19:00 Opening Event
[Directive Tama Tadashi "ECTO" String Quartet Edition Soundtrack Performance Screening] ※ Special Rates

August 30 (Fri)
15:00 【Bohemian Rhapsody】
18:00 【YCAM Bakuon Film Festival Back Stage Tour】
19:30 【Even if you go to bed wake up】

August 31 (Sat)
11:00 【Dragon Ball Super (Super) Broley】
13:40 【Spider-Man: Spider Bath Subtitle Edition】
16:30 【Phantom thread】
19:30 【Beautiful Day (PG12)】
21: 45 【Sasperia (R15 +)】

September 1 (Sun)
11:00 【Bohemian Rhapsody】
14:00 【Uncle Bajirangi and a small lost child】
17: 25 [Deer Hunter 4K Digital Revised Edition (2K screening) (PG12)]

【Charge】 All seats free (order number entry · free pass priority)

◯ one time ticket
※ Please specify the works to be viewed once.
※ "Opening event" is a special rate.

◯ 3 times ticket
※ The ticket to be issued is a voucher.
On the day of the screening, please exchange it with the ticket with the serial number of the time to be seen at the reception desk installed in front of the venue.
※ We can not use for "opening event" "back stage tour".

Very profitable free pass (limited number of sheets)
※ The ticket to be issued is a voucher.
Please exchange it with a free pass ticket at the reception desk installed in front of the venue on the day of the screening.
※ We can not use for "opening event" "back stage tour".

○ Opening event
Takuma Watanabe "ECTO" String Quartet Edition Soundtrack Performance Screening
※ 3 times ticket, free pass not available.

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location 山口情報芸術センター スタジオA(山口県 山口市)
  • Date 2019/08/30(Fri) ~ 2019/09/01(Sun)
  • Price 1,100 JPY ~ 1,300 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact (公財)山口市文化振興財団(山口情報芸術センター内)
    TEL: 083-920-6111 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Period of Sale 2019/06/29(Sat) 10:00 ~ 2019/08/28(Wed) 19:00

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