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TESSENKAI Sponsored Performance
TESSENKAI Regular Performance in October


Noh half-bath Jiichi Asami

Kyogen Teapot Taitaro Yamamoto

Noh Adachihara White Head Kanji Shimizu

Noh Hajitomi

When a monk at Murasakino Unrin-in Temple in Kyoto is holding a tachibana memorial service (a memorial service for flowers that were offered to the Buddha during the summer) after summer ango, a woman appears beside the evening gloomy flower that opens at dusk. When the monk asks the woman's name, she leaves behind saying that she lives around Gojo and disappears behind Tachibana.

When the monk visits the desolate Gojo hut, Yugaojo pushes up a half-wall and reveals himself. Yugaoue talks about her meeting with Hikaru Genji, who visited here long ago, and dances to remember. And when I asked the monk for help, the dream disappeared in the half-bath.

A graceful Noh play that interweaves the double image of ephemeral flowers and people.

Kyogen Tea Pot

A man from the Chugoku region who got drunk on the way to Toganoo to buy tea and fell asleep on the side of the road. A passer-by (scammer) spotted the man's tea pot, and luckily, they put their shoulders in the shoulder straps and lay back to back. When the awakened man and Suppa are arguing with each other that this is their own teapot, Tokoro no Mokudai comes and asks why...

Noh Adachigahara Shirogashira

Yamabushi Yūkei and his party from Kumano arrive at Adachi Plain in Mutsu on their pilgrimage, and rent a lodging at a village girl's hermitage. The lowly woman shows the group how to spin the thread on the spinning wheel, and laments that she has survived so long without entering the Buddhist path. When it gets cold at night, the woman goes to collect firewood, but goes out into the mountains to remind her not to peek inside my bedroom.

A Yamabushi's attendant sneaks a peek inside the cave, and there is a pile of corpses. The party flees in fear, but the woman appears as a demon woman and attacks them...

* Please apply for U25 tickets by phone ( 03-3401-2285 ).

*The program and performers are subject to change without notice due to circumstances.

*There is no parking lot at the venue, so please refrain from coming by car.

*There may be restrictions on entering and exiting the audience during the performance.

*It is strictly prohibited to bring in dangerous goods or alcoholic beverages, as well as to cause inconvenience to other customers.

*Please turn off any devices that make noise, such as mobile phones, during the performance as they may interfere with the performance.

*Tickets cannot be canceled, exchanged for other performances, or refunded unless the performance is canceled due to force majeure such as a natural disaster.

[Performance website]

Noh Hanbai

Mae Shite Satojo Asami Jiichi
Back shite Yugao woman Same as above
Waki Monk Yoshihiro Tateda
Ai Sonomono Rintaro Yamamoto
Flute Takayuki Isso
Kotsuzumi Yuki Masaaki
Yousuke Kamei Drum

Jiutai Osamu Kobayakawa
Masaki Mano
Kitanami Takahiro
Keizo Nagayama
Kengo Tanimoto
Takayasu Ando
Kenichi Aoki
Yasumitsu Kobayakawa

Guardian Fumiyoshi Asai
Kuroemon Katayama

Kyogen Teapot

Shite Suppa Taitaro Yamamoto
Ad Chinese Man Noritaka Yamamoto
〃 Mokudai Rintaro Yamamoto

Noh Adachihara White head

Kanji Shimizu
Back shite Onijo Same as above
Waki Yamabushi Yūkei Noguchi Yoshihiro
Wakitsure Associate Yamabushi Takuhiro Noguchi
Eye Ability Norishige Yamamoto
Flute Tsukitaku Satoshi
Kotsuzumi Naoya Toriyama
Yoshikatsu Tsukuda
Drummer Hitoshi Sakurai

Chouta Takao Nishimura
Minoru Shibata
Masaichiro Izumi
Atsuo Kanze
Hikaru Uzawa
Takayasu Ando
Kenichi Aoki
Taiki Kobayakawa

Guardian Tetsunojo Kanze
Hisashi Uzawa

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location Hosho Noh theater
    Access »
  • Date 2023/10/13(Fri) 18:00
  • Price 4,000 JPY ~ 6,500 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 公益社団法人 銕仙会(てっせんかい)
    TEL: 03-3401-2285 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2023/06/12(Mon) 10:00 ~ 2023/10/13(Fri) 16:00

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