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Collaboration of a miracle that shook the world.
With a gorgeous cast,
February 2019 Performance in Paris May Revealed in Tokyo! !

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The stage where Ninagawa of the world directed Ninagawa to produce a masterpiece Haruki Murakami's featured novel that was selected in the New York Times "The Best Book of 10 Books" (2005) and the World Fantasy Literature Grand Prize (2006) (Premiered in 2012). In 2015, in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Ninagawa Yukio's birth, she made a world tour around the five cities of London, New York, Saitama, Singapore and Seoul, and caused a spectacular gust with visual gimmicks and delicate performances of the audience .

This work is enthusiastic offer from France and will be performed at the National Collins Theater in Paris in February 2019 as a program to conclude a celebration of Japanese culture "Japonism 1 2018" held in commemoration of 160 years of Japan-French friendship . And in May, it will be the first performance in Tokyo that will be in about five years. This time newly joined the audience's heart with the last performances such as Furuhata Shinyuki, Kakizawa Hayato, Takahashi Tsutomu, Toriyama Masakatsu, Kiba Katsumi and the cast newly joined by Terashima Shinobu, Okamoto Kenichi, Kinan Harumiyama etc. Cast Will join, and it will be in the French-Japanese performance with a knock-down stone. The representative talent of Japan gathered and the world shook "Seaside Kafka". Tokyo last stage, do not miss it! !

* Japonismu 2018: What is the reverberating soul?

Set in nearly 100 venues both inside and outside of Paris, from July 2018 to February 2019, from art to culture of Japan, from art to culture, including art exhibitions, stage performances, movies, other foods and crafts, from classics to modern times I will introduce it widely. Before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will tell you the various charms of Japanese culture in Paris and through Paris to the world.

Schedule of performance

◆ Paris Performance 【Japonismu 2018 Official Plan】

(Venue: National Coll. Theater)

Friday, February 15, 2019 - February 23 (Saturday)

Organized by: The Japan Foundation / National Coll. Theater

Co-organizer: TBS / Horipro

Cooperation: Shinchosha / Ninagawa Company / ANA

Planning and Production: Horipro

★ Details & Ticket handling is here

National Collins Theater Official Site

Japonismu 2018 Official website

◆ Triumphal performances in Tokyo

(Venue: TBS Akasaka ACT Theater)

May 21 (Tue) - June 9 (Sun) in 2019

Organized by: TBS / Horipro

Cooperation: Shinchosha / Ninagawa Company / ANA

Planning and Production: Horipro


The 15-year-old "I" leaves the house of Tokyo living with his father.

I swear to my heart that I will be led by a crow that can be said to be my alter ego "Become the toughest 15 in the world."

Name is Tamura Kafuka. I decided to give it so.

In a long-distance bus that aims at Shikoku and Takamatsu, a young beautician Sakura becomes a friend of travel.

Kafka had a target place. It is the Komura Memorial Library which refurbished the mansion of the former house.

So Kafka will meet Oshima who is the librarian and Saeki who is the relatives of the head.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nakata living in Nakano-ku, Tokyo is a mysterious old man who can talk with a cat.

It seems that my shadow has gone by half since I came across an accident during wartime.

A man named Johnny Walker appeared in front of Mr. Nakata looking for a lost cat in the neighborhood.

The man will bring out a deal with Nakata.

And Nakata goes to Shikoku to be guided by something.

Truck driver Hoshino could not keep such Nakata san, he decided to ride to Takamatsu.

Apparently Nakata seems to be looking for "stone at the entrance".

Kernel · Sunders suddenly appeared before Hoshino seems to be all looking forward.

And Kafka knows Saeki's past with regard to the song "Shore of Kafka".

People who should not meet, people who could not meet each other, were tying one point.

I leave the house I spent with my father on my 15th birthday. And at the Komura Library who lived in Shikoku, Oshima served as a librarian, and women (Saeki) who seemed to be a mother who left him as a child when he was young will meet and face the "curse" put on by his father . Meanwhile, Mr. Nakata, a strange old man who can talk with a cat who lives in Tokyo, caught the search for a lost cat in the neighborhood, and he will head for Shikoku on a long-distance truck that Hoshino drives. Each story is synchronized gradually ....


Original: Haruki Murakami

Screenplay: Frank Gallati

Directed by: Yukio Ninagawa

Translation: Hiratsuka Kousuke

Production supplement: Akira Inoue

Art: Tsukasa Nakoshige

Lighting: Hattori group

Costume: Fumiko Maeda

Sound: Katsuji Takahashi, Hideyuki Shikano

Hair makeup: Yoko Kawamura

Music: Haitaro Abe

Directed by: Toru Hirai

Technical Director: Kobato Kobayashi

Production manager: Yuichiro Kanai



Saeki / Girl: Terashima Shinobu

A woman who is managing the Komura Memorial Library whose 'Kafka' attends at Takamatsu.

Oshima: Kenichi Okamoto

Librarian of the Komura Memorial Library where 'Kafka' passes at Takamatsu.

Kafka: Noriyuki Furuhata

A 15 - year - old boy. Go away from home to escape from "a curse" given to his father.

Crow: Hayato Kakizawa

The alter ego of 'Kafka'. A mysterious person who gives advice to 'Kafka'.

Sakura: Kuninami Harumi

A woman of a hairdresser who met 'Kafka' on the way to Takamatsu.

Hoshino: Tsutomu Takahashi

Truck driver who goes along the way with 'Nakata'.

Kernel · Thunder: Masakatsu Toriyama

Meet with 'Hoshino' and Takamatsu pimp.

Nakata: Katsumi Kiba

A man good at cat searching. When I was young I encountered "a case" and lost all my memory and reading and writing skills, but I could talk to cats instead.

新川 將人 (Shinkawa Masato),妹尾 正文 (Senoo Masahumi),マメ山田 (Mame Yamada),

塚本幸男 (Tsukamoto Yukio),堀文明 (Hori Humiaki),羽子田洋子 (Hagota Youko),

多岐川装子 (Takigawa Souko),土井ケイト (Doi Keito),周本絵梨香 (Shumoto Erika),

手打隆盛 (Teuti Takamori),玲央バルトナー (Leo Barutona)

· Please note that Okamoto Kenichi's image data can not be used for secondary applications other than this article.


12 Quick Questions for Quick Questions - 12 -

【HAYATO KAKIZAWA Hayato Kakizawa】 HORIPRO STAGE presents 12 Quick Questions 12 Quick Question

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location TBS赤坂ACTシアター(東京都)(東京都 港区)
    Access »
  • Date 2019/05/21(Tue) ~ 2019/06/09(Sun)
  • Price 10,800 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact ホリプロチケットセンター(Horipro Ticketcenter)
    TEL: 03-3490-4949 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer Horipro Stage
  • Period of Sale 2019/02/09(Sat) 10:00 ~ 2019/05/16(Thu) 23:59

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