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PSYCHOSIS File:004 Plague epidemic



――The imagination that organizes a group is contagious in the hearts of millions of citizens waiting for the appearance of one true criminal.

From the day the girl's singing voice resounded, an epidemic spread throughout the city, and people nailed the doors. In the cabaret called "Merchant Ship Pago Pago", the women carefully brushed their teeth, and in the basement of the cabaret, the hostess, Majiriko, secretly imprisoned and tortured the men.

Two boys, Yoneo and Mugio, are heading south and waiting for a regular cargo ship. Where is the exit from this city full of nails? Yoneo falls into a dark age.
Music by the rock band krishnablue , illustration by manga artist Kentaro Ueno, and the alternative drama club PSYCHOSIS sending a vivid and fetish group dance. Terayama Shuji for the first time.

*This performance is a certified project commemorating the 40th anniversary of the death of Shuji Terayama .

plague patient

Rika Morinaga (PSYCHOSIS) / Kaoru Kunisaki (PSYCHOSIS) / Tomoko Kosaka (PSYCHOSIS) / Tomoe Oshima (Are Rikuro) / Marino Tsuji / Tsugumi Nakamura / Mika Nagumo / Yumeji Kobayashi (Shonen Ojakan) / Taiki Shin (Fukada) Kaitou) / Yoshinao Kobayashi (Deep Kaitou) / Katsuyuki Iizuka (Shonen Oujakan) / Shion Sugiyama / Chirisa Haragu (Pipisutorello) / Kaede Kaido / Koyo Kinoshita (Voyantroupe) / Yu Nonomiya / Misaka Chieko

*In order of appearance


Written by Shuji Terayama

Directed by Rika Morinaga (PSYCHOSIS)

music krishna blue

Illustrated by Kentaro Ueno

Art Kentaro Ueno / Deep Sea Light

Sound: Seiji Tajima (SoundGimmick)

Lighting Keiichi Matsuda

Photo Shihiro Imaito Assistant Director Kaoru Kunisaki (PSYCHOSIS)

Produced by Yuka Takada (PSYCHOSIS)

Costumes Rika Morinaga/Rikuro Are/Assun of Life

Props: Tsugumi Nakamura/Nozomi Nagano (cooperation)

photography studio gifts

Advertising Design Rika Morinaga

Merchandise management Tomoko Kosaka (PSYCHOSIS)


Poster Harris Company/Terayama World/Theatrical Laboratory ◎Banyu Gravity

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location SAMSA ASAGAYA
    Access »
  • Date 2023/07/13(Thu) ~ 2023/07/18(Tue)
  • Price 4,300 JPY ~ 7,400 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact PSYCHOSIS
    TEL: 080-2052-5878 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2023/06/07(Wed) 00:00 ~ 2023/07/17(Mon) 23:59

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