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TESSENKAI Sponsored Performance
TESSENKAI Regular Performance in April


Kyogen Sakka Nomura Manzo

Noh Taima Umano Masaki


Kyogen Sakka

Taro Kaja is heading to the capital to visit his master's uncle.

Now that he has arrived in the capital, the Kaja, who does not know his uncle's face or whereabouts, starts calling out to him on the street. Then a man who claims to be his uncle appears, and the Kaja takes the man home with great enthusiasm. However, the master is in a panic when he sees the man he has brought home. He tells the master that the man is a master thief named Migoi Sakka, and tries to deal with him and send him away peacefully, but...


Noh Taima

On his way back from a pilgrimage to Mikumano, a traveling Buddhist monk visits Taima Temple at the foot of Mount Nijo in Yamato Province. Then an old nun and a young woman appear, praising Amida Buddha, and tell the monk about the Dyeing Hall Well, where the great quantities of lotus threads collected for the mandala were washed and dyed in five colors, and the cherry tree on which the threads were hung to dry.

The old nun then admires the spring scenery in full bloom and tells the story of the origins of the Taima Mandala handed down at this temple. Chujohime, who once wished to worship Amida in the flesh, secluded herself in this temple, spending her days chanting the Nembutsu. Then Amida Buddha appeared in the form of an old nun, and with his help the mandala was woven...

Then they reveal that they are in fact the nun and young woman who appeared at that time (incarnations of Amida Buddha and Kannon Bodhisattva), and the two disappear high into the sky on a purple cloud.

Soon, Princess Chujo, who has become a singing and dancing bodhisattva, appears with a sutra in her hand, praises Buddhism, gives the sutra to the monk, and dances solemnly...

The Taima Mandala is said to have been woven overnight. This profound religious drama by Zeami unfolds a world of ecstasy.


*Please apply for U25 tickets by phone (03-3401-2285).

*Due to unforeseen circumstances, the program and performers may change without prior notice.

*Entry and exit to the auditorium may be restricted during the performance.

*Any behavior that may cause inconvenience to other customers, as well as the bringing in of dangerous items and alcoholic beverages, are strictly prohibited.

*Please turn off any devices that make noise, such as mobile phones, during the performance as they may interfere with the performance.

*Tickets cannot be canceled, exchanged for other performances, or refunded, except in the case of cancellation of the performance due to force majeure such as natural disasters.


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Kyogen Sakka

Shite Taro Kaja Nomura Manzo

Assistant Main Kono Yuki

Small Assistant Sakka Ishii Kota

Guardian Nomura Kennosuke



〈15 minute break〉



Noh Taema


First Shite Bahamut Umano Masaki

Second Shite Chujohime Same

Tsure Bahamut Jiichi Asami

Waki Traveling Monk Fukuo Kazuyuki

Waki and Attendant Associate Monk Yano Shohei

Same Same Murase Kei

Ai - A member of the Taima Temple temple: Mannosuke Nomura


Flute: Takayuki Isso

Small drum: Masahiro Sowa

Large drum: Jun Kunikawa

Taiko: Masato Kodera


Takayasu Ando, Atsuo Kanze

Kengo Tanimoto, Kuroemon Katayama

Jiutai: Keizo Nagayama, Fuminori Asai

Takahiro Kitanami, Osamu Kobayakawa


Guardian: Tetsunosuke Kanze

Kanji Shimizu


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Event and ticketing information

  • Location Kanze Noh Theater
    Access »
  • Date 2024/04/12(Fri) 18:00
  • Price 4,500 JPY ~ 7,000 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 公益社団法人 銕仙会(てっせんかい)
    TEL: 03-3401-2285 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2024/01/15(Mon) 10:00 ~ 2024/04/12(Fri) 16:00

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