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詩・季・彩 ― 石井康治 四季を詩う彩りのガラス


Fascinated by the nature of Aomori, the four seasons woven by the light and wind of the northern country are transferred to colorful glass works for glass crafts.

We will hold the first full-scale retrospective exhibition of Koji Ishii (1946-1996), a writer who breathes new life.

Ishii was born in Chiba prefecture and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Crafts in 1971. I got a job at Toyo Glass Co., Ltd., which manufactures glass bottles.

While in charge of product design, he started making glass works himself, and from 1977 he left the company to concentrate on his creative activities.

In Aomori, which I visited in search of a place for production, I was fascinated by the rich colors and vivid changes that nature shows as the four seasons change.

In 1991, the long-sought atelier "Ishii Glass Studio Aomori Kobo" was opened in Sannai Maruyama, a suburb of Aomori City.

Inquiring to keep the beautiful expressions of Aomori's four seasons in his work, "Sairetsumon",

"Panjomon", "Kanshomon", "Ayakamon",

We will continue to devise original pattern techniques such as "Saishomon".

In 1995, the "Juei" series of the four seasons, which we are proud of as one of the goals of our own creation, will be born.

The following November, 1996, he died suddenly in Aomori.

"I want to create my own image using colored glass like a poem," says Ishii, who created the theme of his creation.

It was expressed by the word "poetry, season, aya".

Various representations of spring that shines with the breath of life, refreshing early summer to vivid summer, the brilliant colors of autumn, and the snow of winter.

The remaining works still speak to us like a poem about the four seasons of Aomori, which he loved.

In this exhibition, Aomori was selected as the place of production, and its natural climate was transformed into a work with vivid and delicate colors and flowing and neat modeling.

Introducing the trajectory of Ishii's sublimated creative activities.

Please see this page for the details of the performance.

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location 青森県立美術館(青森県 青森市)
    Access »
  • Date 2022/04/23(Sat) ~ 2022/06/26(Sun)
  • Price 800 JPY ~ 1,300 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 石井康治展実行委員会(青森県立美術館)
    TEL: 017-783-3000 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2022/03/07(Mon) 18:00 ~ 2022/06/26(Sun) 16:30

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