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From the first performance of "Hitotsu no Hana"


斯道七十余年 至高の共演
ひとつのはな #16咸陽宮 #17隅田川 #18安達原


“Hitotsu no Hana” started in 2018 as a sightseeing option for foreign visitors to Japan. Services that had never been seen before in Noh performances, such as subtitles in multiple languages, attracted a lot of attention, and as a nighttime entertainment that was rare in urban areas, it became a hot topic not only among tourists but also among domestic business people. During the time when the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection was the most serious, live distribution was performed over the Internet without an audience, and in 2021, live distribution with an audience was also successful. From 2022, we will relax the number of customers who can enter and resume as a full-fledged audience performance. 2023 is positioned as the highest-class performance since the beginning of "Hitotsu no Hana", and Shifusa Takeda and Yasuhide Kanze, who are in the same class as Living National Treasure Bunzo Otsuki, will perform together for the first time in their lives. In addition, for those who are still unable to attend the Noh theater, the performance will be recorded live and distributed on the Internet at a later date with multilingual subtitles.

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location 観世能楽堂
    Access »
  • Date 2023/10/09(Mon)
  • Price 3,900 JPY ~ 22,000 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact Global能楽社
    TEL: 090-2762-6653 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2023/04/12(Wed) 10:00 ~ 2023/10/09(Mon) 12:00

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