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TESSENKAI Sponsored Performance
Aoyama Noh in April


Shimai Hakurakuten Kanji Shimizu

Kamo Kanze Atsuo

Kyogen two-nin daimyo Norihide Yamamoto

Noh Takasago Takayasu Ando

*A short Nohgaku lecture will be held after the performance


Kyogen Two Daimyo (Futari Daimyo)

Two daimyo out playing in the field. However, since he left without his companion, he had no sword holder. So the two call out to a man passing by and ask him to hold a sword. However, when his request was refused, the angry daimyo put his hand on the sword and threatened him, forcing him to hold the sword. As expected, the man also became angry, and taking advantage of the daimyo's opening, he pulled out the long sword he was holding, raised it at the Daijodan, and threatened to give him the sword and kosode in return. The man gets carried away and decides to tease the daimyo even more...


Noh Takasago

Tomonari, the priest of Aso in Higo Province, arrived at Takasago no Ura in Harima Province on his way to the capital by sea. there was. Then an elderly couple appears with Sarae and a cedar broom and sweep the area under the pine tree. The old man told him that this pine was the Takasago pine, which is written in the kana preface of the Kokin Wakashu, ``The pine of Takasago Sumie (Sumiyoshi) is also remembered as if it were mutual,'' and they similarly separated from Takasago and Sumie. They reveal that they are a married couple living together. In addition, Takasago refers to the earlier era when "Manyoshu" was compiled, and Sumie refers to this era of Engi, when "Kokinshu" was compiled, and it is said that Aioi is praising the imperial era, which flourishes like a pine tree, unchanged from the past. We talk about the purpose of pine trees and praise the virtues of pine trees that are always full of greenery. Eventually, as the sun sets and the bell rings, the old couple reveals that they are actually Sumie Takasago's Aioi pine spirits, and disappears, saying they will wait for them in Sumie. Eventually, the Sumiyoshi Myojin Shrine appears in front of Tomonari when he arrives in Suminoe, and dances dashingly under the spring evening moon to bless the reign...

This work is a masterpiece of Wakinoh and is so confident that the author Zeami praises it himself.


*Call us for U25 tickets (< a href="tel:03-3401-2285">03-3401-2285) Please apply.

*Due to circumstances, the program, performers, etc. may change without notice.

*Please refrain from coming by car as there is no parking lot at the venue.

*During the performance, entry and exit from the audience seats may be restricted.

*We strictly prohibit any actions that may cause a nuisance to other customers, or the bringing in of dangerous goods or alcoholic beverages.

*Please turn off any devices that make noise, such as mobile phones, during the performance, as they may interfere with the performance.

*Unless the performance is canceled due to force majeure such as a natural disaster, tickets cannot be canceled, exchanged for another performance, or refunded.


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Shimai Hakurakuten Kanji Shimizu

Atsuo Kamo Kanze


Keizo Nagayama

Masaki Umano

< p> Jiutai Minoru Shibata

Jiichi Asami



Kyogen Futari Daimyo< /p>


Shite Daimyo/Ko Norihide Yamamoto

Ad Daimyo/Otsu Yamamoto Rintaro

〃 Passerby Norishige Yamamoto< /p>



Takasago Noh


Former Shite Lieutenant Takayasu Ando << /p>

〃 〃 Shohei Yano

I Takasago no Urahito Yasutaro Yamamoto


Flute Takahiro Fujita

Small drum Kazuon Shimizu

Big drum Yosuke Kamei

Taiko drum Yuichiro Hayashi


Yasumitsu Kobayakawa Atsuo Kanze

Chiuta Kenichi Aoki Kengo Tanimoto

Hikaru Uzawa Takahiro Kitanami


Guardian Tetsunojo Kanze

Takao Nishimura


A short Nohgaku lecture will be held after the performance.


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Event and ticketing information

  • Location TESSENKAI Noh Theater
    Access »
  • Date 2024/04/24(Wed) 18:30
  • Price 4,500 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 公益社団法人 銕仙会(てっせんかい)
    TEL: 03-3401-2285 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2024/01/15(Mon) 10:00 ~ 2024/04/24(Wed) 17:30

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