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TESSENKAI Sponsored Performance
Aoyama Noh in May


Shimai Makura no Dan Takahiro Kitanami

Ukifune Hisashi Uzawa

Kyogen Shimizu Mannojo Nomura

Noh Genji Memorial Keizo Nagayama

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Shimizu (Shimizu)

The master, who was planning to hold a tea ceremony that has become popular these days, summoned Tarokaja and forced him to take Nonaka's treasured pail. Send them to Shimizu to fetch water. Now, the crown prince reluctantly goes out, worried that this will happen every time, and comes up with a plan...

Eventually, the crowned man screamed and came back with a broken body. When the surprised owner asks him why, Kanja falsely reports that a demon appeared in Shimizu, threw the bucket he was keeping, and finally ran away.


Genji Memorial Service

Hoin of Angoin heads to Ishiyama Kanzeon in Omi Province to pay a visit. Then a woman appears and asks him to mourn for her and Hikaru Genji, who cannot attain Buddhahood due to her neglecting the memorial service for Hikaru Genji, the protagonist of The Tale of Genji, and then reveals herself to be Murasaki Shikibu and disappears.

Eventually, the spirit of Murasaki Shikibu appears in the form of days gone by, and the two mourn together for Hikaru Genji. When Hoin asked Shikibu to perform a dance in place of the donation, Shikibu flapped his sleeves and performed a dance to mourn Genji. In the end, the words of these words will scatter, and the flower of the tree of enlightenment will fall...'', he deftly reads the title of the volume of ``The Tale of Genji'' as he dedicates the scroll on which he has written various prayers to the Hoin and reads it aloud.

Eventually, night falls, and Shikibu reveals that he is the incarnation of Ishiyama Kanzeon, and that the Tale of Genji was just a dream and a means to inform sentient beings, and disappears. was….

This Noh is centered around the noh chants that skillfully incorporate the volume names of The Tale of Genji and the dances of Murasaki Shikibu, and has a strong dynastic literary flavor.


*Call us for U25 tickets (< a href="tel:03-3401-2285">03-3401-2285) Please apply.

*Due to circumstances, the program and performers may change without notice.

*Please refrain from coming by car as there is no parking lot at the venue.

*During the performance, entry and exit from the audience seats may be restricted.

*We strictly prohibit any actions that may cause a nuisance to other customers, or the bringing in of dangerous goods or alcoholic beverages.

*Please turn off any devices that emit sound or light, such as mobile phones, during the performance as they may interfere with the performance.

*Unless the performance is canceled due to force majeure such as a natural disaster, tickets cannot be canceled, exchanged for another performance, or refunded.


[Performance homepage]

Shimai Makura no Dan Takahiro Kitanami

Ukifune Hisashi Uzawa


Yasumitsu Kobayakawa

Minoru Shibata

Local songs Kanji Shimizu

Osamu Kobayakawa



Kyogen Shimizu


Shite Taro Crowner Mannosuke Nomura

Administrator Kota Ishii

Guardian Kennosuke Nomura



Noh Genji Memorial Service


Mae Shite Satome Keizo Nagayama

Later Shite Murasaki Shikibu 〃

Armpit Angoin Hoin Yoshihiro Noguchi

Wakitsure Juzo Takuhiro Noguchi

〃 〃 Aoi Watanabe


Flute Tomoko Hatanda

Small drum Ikio Sowa

Big drum Keinosuke Okura


< p> Yasuteru Kobayakawa Kengo Tanimoto

Chika Kenichi Aoki Jiichi Asami

Takayasu Ando Takahiro Kitanami


Guardian Tetsuyuki Kanze Jo

Atsuo Kanze


There will be a small Nohgaku lecture after the performance.

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location TESSENKAI Noh Theater
    Access »
  • Date 2024/05/29(Wed) 18:30
  • Price 4,500 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 公益社団 法人銕仙会(てっせんかい)
    TEL: 03-3401-2285 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2024/02/13(Tue) 10:00 ~ 2024/05/29(Wed) 17:30

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