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TESSENKAI Sponsored Performance
TESSENKAI Regular Performance in July


Revival Noh Shigehira Asai Fumiyasu

Kyogen Bunka Nomura Man

Noh Kokaji Tanimoto Kengo



A traveling monk who has been touring the country visits Narasaka in the Southern Capital on a tranquil spring day. A mysterious old man appears and tells the monk about the magnificent Buddhist temples such as the Great Buddha Hall of Todaiji Temple, Saidaiji Temple, Hokkeji Temple, and Kofukuji Temple, and asks the monk to pray for the soul of Taira Shigehira, who died here, before disappearing.

Soon, the spirit of Shigehira appears in armor to mourn the monk, and he tells him about his final moments, when he was captured at the Battle of Ichinotani and executed at Kizugawa River, and shows him the suffering of the world of asura...

Unlike other Shura Noh plays that depict elegant nobles and brave warriors, this one depicts the deep anguish and repentance of Shigehira, who burned down Nara.

Since its revival in 1983 by Hashi no Kai with Asami Masakuni as the shite, this revived Noh play has been repeatedly performed.


Fumi ninai

Two servants are ordered by their master to deliver a love letter addressed to a young boy. The two unwilling servants make fun of their master's infatuation with the young boy, and because they don't want to carry the letter, they tie it to a bamboo pole, saying that the letter is heavy even though it isn't even that heavy, and carry it together...

A parody Kyogen play that incorporates elements of the Noh play "Koi ojou ni."



Upon receiving an imperial command to present a sacred sword, Sanjo Munechika visits Inari Shrine in search of someone to help him forge the sword. A young boy appears, praises the sword's power, and promises Munechika his assistance.

Soon, Inari Shrine appears dashing, forges the sword together with Munechika, presents it to the imperial envoy, and then leaps onto a cloud of clouds to depart.

The small writing of "Kurozu" is a profound production that emphasizes the beast-like nature of the shrine.


Please apply for U25 tickets by phone (03-3401-2285).

※Due to circumstances, the program and performers may change without notice.

※Entry and exit to the auditorium may be restricted during the performance.

※Any behavior that may cause inconvenience to other customers, as well as the bringing in of dangerous items and alcoholic beverages, are strictly prohibited.

※Please turn off any devices that emit sound or light, such as mobile phones, during the performance as they will interfere with the performance.

*Tickets cannot be cancelled, exchanged for other performances, or refunded, except in the case of cancellation of the performance due to force majeure such as natural disasters.


【Performance website】

Revival Noh Shigehira


First shite Old man Asai Fumiyasu

Second shite Taira Shigehira Same

Waki Traveling monk Hosho Kinya

Ai Narasakabe no Otoko Nomura Kennosuke


Flute Sugi Shintaro

Small drum Narita Tatsushi

Large drum Kakihara Hirokazu


Kobayakawa Yasumitsu Kanze Atsuo

Kobayakawa Yasuteru Umano Masaki

Jiutai Ando Takayasu Katayama Kuroemon

Nagayama Keizo Kitanami Takahiro


Guardian Asami Jiichi

Masashi Nomura



〈10 minute break〉



Kyogen Bunka


Shite Taro Kaja Nomura Man

Assistant Main Nomura Mannojo

Small Assistant Jiro Kaja Nomura Manzo


Guardian Nomura Shinnosuke



Noh Kokaji Kurogashira


First Shite Child Tanimoto Kengo

Second Shite Inari Myojin Same

Waki Sanjo Munechika Dainichikata Hiroshi

Wakitsure Imperial Envoy Seigo Mikuriya

Ai Munechika no Genin Yuki Kono


Flute Yusuke Kuribayashi

Kotobuki Seiichi Iida

Otobuki Yosuke Kamei

Taiko Masato Kodera


Kobayakawa Yasumitsu Uzawa Hisashi

Aoki Kenichi Nishimura Takao

Jiutai Uzawa Hikaru Shibata Minoru

Izumi Masaichiro Kobayakawa Osamu


Guardian Tetsunojo Kanze

Shimizu Kanji

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Event and ticketing information

  • Location Kanze Noh Theater
    Access »
  • Date 2024/07/12(Fri) 18:00
  • Price 4,500 JPY ~ 7,000 JPY(tax included)
  • Contact 公益社団法人銕仙会(てっせんかい)
    TEL: 03-3401-2285 (Only in Japanese.)
  • Organizer
  • Period of Sale 2024/04/15(Mon) 10:00 ~ 2024/07/12(Fri) 16:00

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